These groups are my secret weapon for keeping you accountable and motivated. We have two platforms you can use as your "gym" where we work together to set goals, find a plan that works for you, and to find your WHY to keep you motivated. 

Our first platform is a private group through Facebook. This is a great place to develop a sense of community and get a supportive group of women to help hold you accountable to your goals.  If you are someone who is on social media often and wants to connect with others at anytime of the day you will love this!

Our second "gym" platform is in a private app where you can easily track your workouts, your nutrition, your weight, and your progress! You can see who else is working out for the day and check in with your coach all through the app!

You can decide if you want to join one or both of these gyms when enrolling!

All new clients will get a free enrollment into our VIP program keep scrolling for more details!

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- Private VIP membership access on our website.


- Getting started right-all our app and product overviews and how to get started!


- One on one mentoring with your coach to help you stay on track & reach your goals!


- Virtual recipe book-in addition to the On Demand library of recipes you will be all MY personal favorites, healthy remakes, and "His & Hers" recipes.


- Meal prepping-learn how to shop and meal prep in just two hours!


- Crockpot freezer meal prep recipes.


- Brands I love-take a behind the scenes tour of my kitchen and learn what brands I love to use and where you can find them! I'll share all my tips for staying healthy without putting in a bunch of effort!


- Dinner & Done-learn this simple trick that can make all the difference and finally get that scale moving in the right direction.


- Kick the pop and drink more water training! Learn WHY it is important to increase your water and how to easily cut pop out of your life. After you watch this video you'll never want to drink pop again!